Supporting Charities in Tough Times

Supporting Charities
In Tough Times

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Charities are being hit twice

Like most of us, charities are struggling because of inflation. They are receiving almost 20% less in contributions.

But worse is coming.

In the last recession, contributions went down by another 12%. Yet this is when charities are needed more than ever.

Just when people need them - maybe even for the first time ever - they might not be there.

but not everyone is suffering...

Google Advertising Revenue 2022

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Commercial Directories have raised their revenue by over 300% in three years

Directory Cost

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Cost per click

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Which Got Us Thinking

What if we could 'divert' some of that advertising money and send it to charities?

Would it be possible?

...and this is where you come in

(and no, it won't cost you a thing!)

100% of all our advertising profits go to charity, so...

If you are searching for something, search here first.

Before you go the search engines and the money-making directories, give your charity a chance to benefit.

You WILL make a difference

As you can see above, even one person's searches and 'clicks' will make a difference to your chosen charity

You benefit too!

Finding companies you can trust is getting more and more difficult. What better place to start than a charity-supporting company?

Register (If you want!)

You don't have to - you can still use the directory.

But, if you do register, you can choose which charity you want to benefit from your searches. (As well as a few other advantages.)

Together, we can make a huge difference to Charities

But we need you to make it work

Without searchers, advertisers won't advertise.

Without advertisers, searchers won't search.

Please spread the word. It's the best way to increase funding for charites. Thank You!
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