Supporting Charities in Tough Times

Charities receive all profits and will never be asked for money, but we can't cover the costs forever...

The costs (and why we need you)

All Profits Go To Charities

We will always be a non-profit organisation, so ALL profits will go to charities. But like most charities, some employees will still have to be paid. Not everyone can afford to work for free! In addition, there are the usual marketing and administration fees.


We fully expect to run at a loss initially. But that's okay, we were always prepared to cover that. Then we made what was - for us - a slightly frightening decision.

It was important to us that charities received an income almost immediately, so...

Even when there are no profits, charities will still receive half of the revenue - regardless of how much it costs us to operate the site.


 The website needs to become self-supporting to generate profits for charities. Crucially, it must be done before the money runs out! That's why we need to grow the site as quickly as possible.

The only way this will happen is if enough charities come together and support the site. The more charities that join, the more willing organisations will be to spend their money!

So What's the Magic 'profit' figure?

Once we get past 350 corporate members, the profits start to kick in!

Is it possible?

Here's how many members some other directories have....
Unbiased 27000 paying members
MyBuilder 47455 paying members
CheckATrader 44000 paying members

*These figures are a few years out of date and have undoubtably gone up since then. They also charge significantly more than and don’t (and can’t) offer some of the benefits.

...and here's the 350 that we need in comparison!
Us to breakeven! 350

We think that's very possible

At the very least, it's worth a try

But it won’t work without you. The quicker we grow, the more we can give (and the sooner we can relax!)

But it won’t just be a relief because we are ‘off the hook’ financially, it will also be because the the site has finally become what we intended – a self-sustaining income that charities can rely on every single month. 

From there, the amount given to charities can only increase  – both in terms of the total amount given to charities and as a percentage of the revenue.

So, even if you only think you ‘might’ be interested, please consider registering with us. Every person who registers gives us extra motivation to continue.

Hopefully, together, we can make a real difference.

Register (If you want!)

You don't have to - you can still use the directory.

But, if you do register, you can choose which charity you want to benefit from your searches. (As well as a few other advantages.)