Supporting Local Charities in Tough Times

(A Not For Profit Website)


(...and no, it won't cost you a thing!)

Things are already tough for charities. Some are even closing down. By the looks of it, it's only going to get worse.

However, not everyone is suffering. Internet directories are still raising their prices. Some are charging over £50 for a single click!

So, we thought why not jump on the bandwagon but instead, give all those profits to charities? 

But will it work? Well, we know that directories make a lot of money for private businesses. So, if it does work, it will make a massive difference to charities. That is why we had to try. So we got on with it.

But before we invest in the next phase, we need to know if enough charities might be interested.


Raise funds Whilst helping your supporters

What's The Idea?

We want to generate a regular income for charities. We do this by giving your supporters - new and old - something they want. (See 'How everybody wins.')

We don't need much of your time and we definitely don't want your money!

In fact, quite the opposite.

Our aim is to free up your time and give you the extra funds you need to make an even bigger difference in your community.

If you need any more information, please get in touch.

A regular income by giving your supporters what they want


It makes sense that it is easier to raise funds if you can give your supporters what they need.

  • Companies are already willing to pay. Search directories are already big business. In the UK, some companies pay up to £50 per click!
  • ...and we give something the others can't. A lack of trust kills internet advertising. Advertisers lose money because people are wary and take longer to 'buy' - if at all. A company that commits to charity helps build that trust.
  • It's also better for 'searchers' As well as feeling more secure when choosing an organisation, searchers can help their favourite charity - without spending their money.
  • Companies get customers they can work with. It works both ways - customers with integrity are always preferred. Organisations may even offer your supporters special deals to get them. Everyone wins!
It's Not Just About 'Charity'. Everybody Benefits.

Customers don't know who to choose, so companies are wasting money on advertising that goes nowhere. 

Advertise your supporters on YOUR website.

Give them the exposure they want at no extra time or cost to you

What do YOU get and where from?


All profits are distributed to our registered charities. It is calculated by splitting between a charity's 'searchers' and companies.

  • Companies choose a charity that benefits. Companies are charged depending on the industry they are in and what services they use. This could be between £10 and £50 per month and up to £50 'per click'.
  • Searchers are just as important. Without regular users, nobody would advertise. To encourage them to keep coming back, their chosen charity benefits every time they make a search or get a quote.
  • The best way to deliver a regular, long term income. Our goal is to ensure regular, long-term funding that charities can rely on. That's why we prioritise 'both sides of the equation'.

Reduce admin time and raise funds faster

what do you have to do?

We've streamlined your admin to the minimum. We are also introducing features to make your other fund-raising work easier. 

  • A quick and easy sign up process. It shouldn't take more than ten minutes. If it takes longer, please let us know!
  • There's no scrabbling around, chasing money. Once you're set up, you've done the hard part. The money KEEPS coming in and is automatically sent to your account.
  • New supporters without lifting a finger! Regular use will keep your original supporters raising funds. In addition, our own marketing will help spread your message - and further increase your funding.
  • Make fundraising easier. Our Email Templates mean you can email supporters to raise funds quickly. You can use our pre-made web-buttons to increase your supporters' sales.
Please spread the word. It's the best way to increase funding for charites. Thank You!