Supporting Local Charities in Tough Times

(A Not For Profit Website)

Local charities desperately need you.

Help them and Get Better Leads.Make Sales Easier.

At only £59 per month,
you can't lose

you won’t find a marketing company able to project your company in the same great image and generate leads. (And this way, all profits go to charites in your local community)

Help Charities and make 'sales' easier!

What's The Idea?

Whilst we make your sales easier, you help charities. (See 'How everybody wins.')

Companies are being charged more and more for advertising. But the real costs are even higher -  searchers are taking longer to decide and clicking on more paid-for links. Then, even if they do get in touch, it's getting harder and harder to convert them into loyal customers.

One of the main reasons is a lack of trust. It's almost impossible to inspire trust in an advert or a website. One of the most effective ways to show your integrity is by demonstrating - and proving - your commitment to good causes.

We help you do this both on our website and in the real world. (We'll also throw in some leads for good measure!)

We think it's a win-win. You get better sales results and charities get the funding they desperately need.

If you need any more information, please get in touch.

How exactly do we do it?

Make SALES easier

It's great to help charities, but you're a business and you need to make money. This is the first way we can help...

  • Potential customers who already 'like' you. Even if it's not 'their' charity, they will respect a company looking after their local community. Especially if that community is also their community.
  • Keep your sales team happy! If potential customers trust you, you can ditch those selling techniques no-one likes (including your own sales staff!) Whilst your competitors struggle to convince potential clients, you can concentrate on giving great service.
  • Easier 'off-website' sales. You can use our logo and tagline on your own website and in your own materials. Everybody will see and be assured by your integrity and commitment to your local community.
It's Not Just About 'Charity'

Customers don't know who to choose, so companies are wasting money on advertising that goes nowhere. 

Advertise your genorisity on YOUR website AND EMAILS.

Inspire trust and credibility with EVERYBODY who visits your website or receives an email.

Advertise your genorisity on YOUR website AND EMAILS.

Inspire trust and credibility with EVERYBODY who visits your website or receives an email.


Better Leads

The second way we help you increase sales is by improving the quality of the leads and increasing the conversion rate.

  • Don't waste time - Get the right leads. Specify exactly who you want with our directory and 'Get a Quote' function.
  • Customers that are a pleasure to work with. It works both ways - customers with integrity are always preferred. Life's too short for the other sort! Charity supporting customers are a good place to start.
  • 'Pitch' directly to local business owners and key decision makers. It's not just charities and their supporters you will reach. Your presence on our site and in our regular (but not spammy!) emails will put you in front of the type of people you need to make high quality sales.

Even easier 'sales' for the first companies that help.


We can make a huge difference to charities. We think those that are first to 'step up', should be rewarded with a little extra. 

  • Even Easier Sales. People will see your badge and be extra-assured of your integrity. You were the ones that made all this happen.
  • Want the most valuable leads? When using our quote system, you will be at the head of the queue when we get your ideal lead.
  • Increase sales from your marketing. Extra mailings to our supporters ensure your marketing campaigns have the best possible chance of success.

What's Our Share?

All Profits Go To Charities

We will always be a non-profit organisation, so ALL profits will go to charities. But like most charities, some employees will still have to be paid. Not everyone can afford to work for free! In addition, there are the usual marketing and administration fees.


In fact, we fully expect to run at a loss initially. But that's okay, we're prepared to cover that. Even when there are no profits, charities will still receive the bulk of the revenue - regardless of how much it costs us to operate the site.


That's why we need to grow the site as quickly as possible - so the economies of scale ‘kick in’.

We can only move forward if enough people like you are interested.

Even if you only think you 'might' be interested, please consider registering with us. Every person who registers gives us extra motivation to continue.

Hopefully, together, we can make a real difference.

Please spread the word. It's the best way to increase funding for charites. Thank You!