Supporting Local Charities in Tough Times

(A Not For Profit Website)


(...and no, it won't cost you a thing!)

Things are already tough for charities. Some are even closing down. By the looks of it, it's only going to get worse.

However, not everyone is suffering. Internet directories are still raising their prices. Some are charging over £40 for a single click!

So we thought why not jump on the bandwagon but instead, divert all those profits to the charities that desperately need it? It could make a massive difference.

Charities would gain, but so do you.

When you are researching on the internet, it's difficult to be sure which companies you can trust. We think companies that care about their community are a good place to start.

It's a win-win. Both you and charities stand to gain.

That's why we think, at the very least, it's worth a try.

Helping Charities Whilst making better choices

What's The Idea?

We want to generate a regular income for charities, whilst helping you to make better choices. (See 'How everybody wins.')

When you're browsing the internet it's hard to know who you can trust. They all seem reputable, but how can you tell?

The difference with organisations here is that they don't 'just talk' about their ethics and integrity on their website. They actually do something.

Every single organisation in this directory has actually reached into it's pockets and provided funds to charities that operate in their community.

But it's not just about helping you make a better choice. Every time you make a search or use this website, charities benefit - your chosen charity in particular.

This means you have the potential to make a significant difference to a charity you care about.

You can register here. If you need any more information, please get in touch.

choose the right company whilst doing the right thing


When choosing a company, it makes sense to put your trust in companies that have integrity. But we also give you other advantages.

  • Special offers only available here. It works both ways - customers with integrity are always preferred. Organisations even offer special deals to get them. Everyone wins!
  • Reviews you can actually trust. No wading through fake reviews or angry people with a grudge. Just fair reviews written by fair people like you.
  • 'Get A Quote' - Quicker, easier and with extra securityThere's no more repeating yourself and chasing disinterested companies. You deal with people who have passed our enhanced checks and who are keen for your business.
  • Extra treats to keep you coming back! Charities can only take on new projects if they have a long term income they can rely on. That's why we will always be thinking of new ways to thank you.
It's Not Just About 'Charity'

Customers don't know who to choose, so companies are wasting money on advertising that goes nowhere. 

How to choose your charity. It's quick and easy.

You can make a significant difference to a charity that you care about


How do charities get paid?

All profits are distributed to our registered charities. The money is split between the 'searchers' and the company's favourite charity.

  • Companies choose a charity that benefits. Companies are charged depending on the industry they are in and what services they use. This could be between £10 and £50 per month and up to £50 'per click'.
  • Why YOU are so important. Without regular users, nobody would advertise. So keep coming back, your chosen charity benefits every time you make a search or get a quote.
  • The best way to make a difference. With your help, we can provide serious funding that will make a real difference to charities. We can ensure regular, long-term funding that charities can rely on. That's why we prioritise 'both sides of the equation'.

It all seems there a catch?

what do you have to do?

Nothing, really. All you have to do is stay with us and enjoy the site.

  • Register - It's a quick and easy sign up process. It shouldn't take more than a minute. If it takes longer, please let us know!
  • Take advantages of the services. Use the search system, add your favourites, get quotes when you need them and of course, take advantage of the offers!
  • Choose your favourite charity. Don't forget to login as well! It's the only way your charity will 'get paid'. But if you don't, it's no problem. Your search will still support a charity, but we'll choose one randomly.
  • Keep coming back! We really do need you. Without you, it simply won't work. If you can think of anything that will make this site better or benefit our charities, then please get in touch.

What's Our Share?

All Profits Go To Charities

We will always be a non-profit organisation, so ALL profits will go to charities. But like most charities, some employees will still have to be paid. Not everyone can afford to work for free! In addition, there are the usual marketing and administration fees.


In fact, we fully expect to run at a loss initially. But that's okay, we're prepared to cover that. Even when there are no profits, charities will still receive the bulk of the revenue - regardless of how much it costs us to operate the site.


That's why we need to grow the site as quickly as possible - so the economies of scale ‘kick in’.

We can only move forward if enough people like you are interested.

Even if you only think you 'might' be interested, please consider registering with us. Every person who registers gives us extra motivation to continue.

Hopefully, together, we can make a real difference.

Please spread the word. It's the best way to increase funding for charites. Thank You!