Supporting Local Charities in Tough Times

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Decide the charity that benefits from your search!

How to choose your charity

It’s a quick and easy to make a significant difference to a charity that you care about.
Even if you don’t, it’s not a problem – we’ll just allocate your ‘search’ to a random charity. However, it’s a shame if a charity you care about doesn’t get the benefit.

For that reason alone, we think it’s a good idea to set up your supporting charity.

But, there is another reason. Every person that registers on this site and uses it makes it easier for us to attract the advertisers. The more advertisers we get, the more money goes to charities.

It’s that simple.

(We should also add it really is incredibly easy to do. Although our explanation video comes in at a massive one minute and 4 seconds, we think you’ll get the idea at around the 20-second mark!)

Register (If you want!)

You don't have to - you can still use the directory.

But, if you do register, you can choose which charity you want to benefit from your searches. (As well as a few other advantages.)

How to choose your charity